About the Consultant

Tarek Hossain has 15 years of experience as a Recruiter, where he has managed the entire hiring process from screening resumes to negotiating job offers.


Tarek writes powerful resumes, which are ATS-friendly and helps sell your talents. During the initial phone consultation, he will offer strategies on how to effectively present your information, as we all know, a properly-presented resume gets results. The end product will be the most effective resume with industry-focused keywords and your experiences and skills presented in the most professional manner.


Having a proper LinkedIn profile is longer an option, it is a must! LinkedIn helps you network virtually with the most relevant people and allow recruiters/hiring managers to find you. Tarek not only creates an unique profile for you, but helps you to grow a network. He will guide you through every stage of creation and update of your profile.


There is a process in place to be successful in interviews and it requires a lot of preparation. Tarek helps you to get ready for interviews through careful analysis of mock interview responses, providing you with detailed answers to most common interview questions, strategies to answer behavioral questions and a list of crafty questions to ask the interviewer.

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