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Client Testimonials

Maurizio has 20+ years of experience in selling luxury vehicles. After taking a brief break, he was eager to get back in the work force.


Tarek assisted him in creating a resume and cover letter, helping him thoroughly outline his achievements on his resume and explain his break from full-time employment in his cover letter.


Maurizio is now back doing what he loves and working for one of the pre-eminent vehicle brands in the world. 

Gary had an unique background of working for large corporations as well as starting various businesses.


Tarek identified his main area of strength lies in his ability to seek out new business opportunities and innovate existing product lines. Tarek helped him create a resume and LinkedIn profile which properly showcased his real strengths and the value he offers.


Gary is now working as the Head of Product Innovation for one of the top innovation companies, representing several leading brands.

Keith had a fantastic academic record at University and aspired to work for a top Investment Bank, however, his interviews did not go well enough to lock in an offer.


Tarek assessed his issues with the interviewing process. Tarek provided guidance and coached him through 7 rounds of interviews for a leading Canadian bank.


Keith is now working as an Analyst for one of the leading Investment Banks.

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