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Individual Services 

In Negotiation

Every service is customized for the individual client. We do not use templates for resumes and cover letters. No two LinkedIn profiles created, are ever the same. All interview coaching sessions are tailored to your career level and the job you are interviewing for.


This is what you will receive:


  • ATS-friendly resumes

  • Delivered in MS Word and PDF formats within 3 business days

  • Follow up call/Zoom session to walk you through the final version of the resume

Cover Letter

  • Customized for a specific job or a general cover letter for similar roles

  • Delivered in MS Word format within 1-3 business days

LinkedIn Optimization

  • Your profile can be updated with temporary access or creation of a mockup

  • Checklist provided to assist in the completion of every section

  • Research is conducted to find the top recruiters in your field and help you build a network

  • Session is delivered through a call or Zoom, typically running 30 minutes long

Interview Coaching

  • Most interviews can be broken down into 10 general questions which are commonly asked. Multiple answers for each question will be provided to you

  • For behavioural questions, you will be taught a system to answer these questions and you will be provided written down scenarios to tackle tricky behavioural questions

  • A list of thoughtful questions have been prepared for you to ask the interviewer

  • Session is delivered through a call or Zoom, typically requiring 1.5 hours




Resume - $125  

Cover Letter - $35

LinkedIn Optimization - $85

Interview Coaching - $100



Resume + Cover Letter - $140

Resume + LinkedIn Optimization - $180

Resume + LinkedIn Optimization + Cover Letter - $210 All 4 Services - $300

                                                                                                                 Most Popular Service
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